Fable Fairy hears London calling

Hello Campers

Fable has to get a cracking on the PhD. She is going into hibernation for April and May with a quick stint in London which I will post. Anthropologie here I come.  I won't be able to post much til June.
but I will pop in to your blogs.

have a beautiful Autumn


cancel today checklist:

car ran outta petrol on way to work check
forgot lunch at home check
button on dress popped check
need to diet check
wearing jersey like a school girl to hide gaping hole check
forgot nb meeting today check
big presentation tomorrow check



moments like these

Posted by PicasaMoments like that where the one daughter is so thrilled about the other daughter's performance she rushes up to congratulate the other, they make it all worth it!


Favourite Silver Jewellery Pieces

These are some of my favourite found silver pieces that Stefany Roup helped my fix from brooches into necklaces and necklaces into brooches. I love her work.

Tell me about your favourite silver finds. Church street antique market? Where?

mount nelson vintage crockery

I am ready to break open the diplay cabs and get me some - who'se in? Posted by Picasa


Georgia O Keefe & Sam Shepard

We have something of an obsession with the American South West in our house.  I did my Masters thesis on playwright and actor Sam Shepard* and the American West; My husband is crazy about photographer Ansel Adams who is famous for his photos from that area, and we both love Georgia O'Keefe. Our lounge pays homage to Georgia. 

I love these pictures of her: Magnetic at any age.


From Wikipedia:

 “Georgia Totto O'Keeffe (November 15, 1887 – March 6, 1986) was an American artist. Who was a major figure in American art from the 1920s".  From 1929 until her death O'Keeffe worked in New Mexico, collecting and painting bones, and painting the distinctive architectural and landscape forms of the area. 

In 1943, she explained her fascination with the American Southwest, accordingly, "Such a beautiful, untouched lonely feeling place, such a fine part of what I call the 'Faraway'. It is a place I have painted before . . . even now I must do it again."]

 *”Considered one of America's most influential and celebrated playwrights of the 20th century, Sam Shepard is also an accomplished actor, director, screenwriter and musician. His childhood experience of living in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father would often provide the recurrent dark themes in his writing as well as a preoccupation with the myth of the vanishing West. His writing commonly incorporated inventive language, symbolism, and non-linear storytelling while being populated with drifters, fading rock stars and others living on the edge.