I only popped in for an hour or so as I thought I'd be back at least 2 more times. But I got home and the doc has organized a week-end away! Everything packed and about to leave, but just wanted to say:

I saw Angie pants from Lucky Pony blog!

I managed a necklace at the Skermunkil sale and Maritijie your ceramics are gourgeous!

Lauren Fowlers stand look amazing I want to ask her all about an M necklace, but she was busy being mobbed by adoring fans!

Genevieve Motley I nearly made it to you and then got a call to come home!



Grandpa's things

Grandpa Abel's people hailed from Lithuania and settled in Paarl, in the Western Cape where he became the mayor.  I have only one thing from him which he gave my father who gave it on loan to me - a cupboard we call grandpa's cupboard.

 I want to paint it white, but the doc won't let me.  My sister has the most wonderful table and chairs that match it. It has the original shelves inside, all different heights and the wood slanting. It's not very practical, but the doc says I must preserve it in its original state. What do you have from grandpa?

tea at the mount nellie

A green lung in the heart of the cityx


Jan. Book Reads & the Fabulous Book Club

This was the plan:

* Sex and Stravinsky by Barbara Trapido (bookclub)

* The new Finula Dowling (bookclub)
* Jane Bussman on Uganda

This is the review:

All 3 were fantastic with a special thumbs up for Bussman. She summarizes  SO WELL American and European students who want to save Africa but only for a year or 2 while it fits in with their getting a big UN. EU atc job (I know they are not ALL like that) yet somehow despite being British herself manages a sense of irony. She moves from interviewing Ashton Kutcher in Hollywood to debriefing captured child soldiers and makes one laugh and cry at different points.

No one writes Kalk Bay as well as Dowling who actually lives there plus captures English teacher/ student / acting world SO well.
I have the best book club in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have "celeb" author Henrietta Rose-Innes; The witty and insightful Adam Cooper; The clever bibliophile Dr. Potgieter; The Kindest Psychologist; Yoga teacher, film writer and raw foody Carey McKenzie; Actor Adam Neil; Rhodes and Oxford and Harvard scholar and now mum, Karen Alexander; Genius climate change specialist and author Jessica Wilson  and Fablefairy. Needless to say, they are all deep and smart and stretch me to read facinating books.

Last month I read Ronnie Kasrils's :The Reluctant Terrorist - brilliant- and Nourishment- about a WW2 wife who is asked to write saucy letters to her hubby and complies. Nice.

Best bookclub reads ever?

The Winter Vault - Ann Michaels
Something to Tell You - Hanif Kureishi
Short Stories - Jhumpa Lahiri


Bloggers' Ginger Cats

Have you noticed there are some cool ginger cats in the blogosphere family?

There was Lauren Fowler's cat Ben

Then there is Vicky Sleet's cat (Mr Cat)

Genevieve Motley's Ruby is just too cute!

You can see where all her inspiration comes from ...

And then there is my darling Jinja

Ginger cats you rock my world.


If you Connect, Protect

I have been so busy, no time to blog! How do you like our condom camapign for UCT ?

We also sponsored all the first year students a stick drive that is a bracelet with info using the same design concept.

I started off being inspired by Steff Roup's blog:

We had to use volunteers rather than models due to budget, but at least they look like REAL people.  I am super chuffed with the feedback.


Sante Spa x2

I just wrote a long post about Sante Spa in Franchoek where I spent my birthday. It defies words, but I wrote them anyway, but now they are gone. I am so blissed out I can't write them again.
Sante Spa is the best spa ever. They have an amazing Loyalty club and birthday treat. Go there. The end. http://www.santesa.co.za/