9 year anniversary

This week the doc and I will have been married for 9 years.

To celebrate, I'm going to tell you 9  things about the doc that rock.

1. In every relationship there is the one more comfortable about spending and the one who tries to save. In many couples it can be a female who likes to spend and a male who like to curb that spending ("but you already have 5 pairs of slip slops"). In our house the doc is the spender and, well,  I try harder not to spend. :) When we decided to go through infertility treatment and it cost a LOT of money a LOT of the time, we made a deal to buy no new clothes from 2001 - 2005. Though he was a fun 'n snappy dresser when I met him in Wylde Oscar shirts - burgundy velvet pants - he stuck to it. (btw he's back)

2. He was brought up by his mom and 3 sisters - he cooks (way better than me) and cleans though he argues better than me - with more logic and is way less swayed by emotions which I have to admit can actually be annoying as I like to win arguments

3. Team Player. Last week our 3 year old urgently needed her new ballet shoes' elastic sewn on, he sat sewing on the elastic an hour before the show cos I was doing their make up (and he's part surgeon, he sews, well hand sews, better than I).

4. He reads his girls bed time stories every night and says things like: "Who'se your dady?"

5. When he gets called out by the labour ward to deliver a baby in the middle of the night or has been up all night, he can still be in a relatively good mood the next day (on no sleep i'm not really a nice person).

6. Every few weeks, he says to me: You need a break, have a massage or a coffee and I'll watch the girls for 2 hours.

7. He gives talks for free on the HPV vaccine because he cares.

8. He gives really good advice about work/family/friend and even cushion dilemmas though (understandably) he's hopeless and impractical at dress lenth, hair colour, underwear (all hetero guys?) , make up, bags and shoes :)

9. He gives beautiful pressies (like for this anniversary).. hint hint :)


Hey I'm on Ebracing Style- Go enter and Win!

The completely lovely Anthea from www.embracingstyle.co.za is running a Fablefairy Giveaway.

Fable Fairy heart ring and necklace

Please leave a comment on HER blog to stand a chance to win. 

We need to know your favourite bracelet from here is and which women’s health topics (if any) you’d like to learn about.

You also have a chance to win Fable Fairy  with Lucky Pony! http://superduper.co.za/lucky


Shoe Hunt

I wanted something like this (from Polo):

But the 3 was too small and the 4 to big.

So I ordered this from Green Cross (www.greencross.co.za)


Then I got totally distracted by Red shoes (favourite things) since my Nine West Reds have got too tight.

On the internet, i love cute gourgeous Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes and the more classical Polo ones:

but none were available in SA. And so, on an entirely different note in a real shop, I fell in love with these Melissa flops. 

Must stay focused when shopping!


Swimsuits Hunt part 2

Inspired by my favourites, Brazen (www.beingbrazen.co.za)  and Embracing Style (http://www.embracingstyle.co.za
on Style Scoop http://www.stylescoop.co.za/, I set off in search of  Espadrilles (thanks Anthea) and a vintagey looking costume (Thanks Brazen) online first of course.

Brazen mentioned Australian brand Seafolly imported by Stuttafords. Be warned that only the Century City branch has this brand in Cape Town  (not Claremont).

They only have about 6 styles, but they are nice!

This was what I wanted:

Love the bottom right one.

You may recall I had previosly  been inspired  by Ava

and these:

 but I didn't feel up to the hassle of measuring and not being sure it fitted if coming from the UK etc even though a visiting friend of a friend offered to bring one.

So I choose a vintagy Seafolly looking top alone cause my credit card was screaming, but after 2 children I need some shaping! Pictures when tanned and thin :)

The shoes hunt is in the next post...


I'm on Lucky Pony Today. Go enter and Win!

Lovely Blogger Angie is doing a feature and a BIG Xmas  giveaway today that includes Fable Fairy! Go enter! http://superduper.co.za/lucky
"Below are 8 wonderful people who have all given something awesome towards this competition. Each block contains a number, the piece/s they are giving away, a picture of their lovely mugs and a bit about them.
All you are going to have to do is leave me a merry comment and go past their blogs to say ‘hi’ or “man you are smart” or “wow” or “get Angie to pick me or run the risk of loosing both eyebrows. The choice is yours”. Super easy right? Right.

I will then pick TWO winners, who will have to mail me 4 out of the 8 numbers, each number representing a gift. So if you want 1, 2, 5 and 7 that’s what you will send me. The one who mails me second gets what’s left over 4, which is still awesome!"


Bracelets are a (li'l) Girl's Best Friend

Fifi and the Flower tots

Flower Fairy Love

Fifi's Bee Gang

Fifi's tulips


Anchor Red Love


My bunny and bluebird are in Snow White at Artscape! 


I LOVE NOMu surprise boxes

We cracked open the box tonight. We are starting with the Spanish rub tom night!


Cape Town Bloggers Get Together

I was so busy enjoying the people, I didn't have time to take any photos,but I know you guys took some and I can't wait to seethem.

It turns out (as we thought) Cape Town has the most awesome bloggers. The people who'se blogs you love,
well the people are just a s amazing and beautiful.

Thaya from beatnikbazaar.blogspot.com has the most beautiful blue eyes and she's as smart and sassy as her blog.

Samantha Laura Kaye is really drop dead gourgeous in real life and what a professional speaker! I Love Her. http://www.samanthalaurakaye.com/

Lauren Fowler is the real deal.htpp://lostisaplacetoo.blogspot.com

Vicky Sleet http://www.iwantthat.co.za/ is the most generous human being. What a legend. Great speech Vicky.

So many more lovely people I want to tell you about  like Betty Bake; Natali from Narry likes I loike dem both; http://wotsforlunch.blogspot.com/ (what a lovely person); Anthea http://www.embracingstyle.co.za/ i'm still mad about her; http://www.bobbyliscious.co.za/ (how cool are you?); http://www.beingbrazen.co.za/ you are so nice in real life too! Heidi/ Farmgirl http://plaasjapie-farmgirl.blogspot.com/ what a lovely human being. Robyn from
http://styleguidecapetown.blogspot.com/ who won the le creuset pot (yay!) ; The Tashkaya crowd who are da bomb-

Speaking of Tashkaya, I WON THE DRESS! and Julie, Natasha's assistant, won the sideboard.

The Nomu boxes were won by the Doc and Lauren and wait who else won? was it Nina?

And Thaya won Nina's awesome earings.

Sigh what a fun night. Thanks peeps.


blogger get2gether prizes and treats

These are just some of the things you can win at the raffle tom nightPosted by Picasa

A vamp sideboard. Have you ever seen such radness?

See more at

Paula and co. are talented and generous and amazing

 Le Creuset casserole dish (in orange) http://www.lecreuset.co.za/ for the heartiest Xmas lunch EVER.

Gardens le Creuset are helpful and generous . We LOVE you.

A dreamy Tashkaya dress.

See more on

Natasha and her clothes are da bomb.

But wait, there is so much more:

Nomu surpise boxes


Oh that Vanilla makes me weak at the knees.

Lauren Fowler gift tags

3 rad books: (A Million Miles from Normal by Nick Paige; A Quivertree book and a gourgeous Fynbos book)

Fablefairy Jewelley

Inkheart Jewellery


Thaya http://beatnikbazaar.blogspot.com/
has organized wine from RAD Dan from KWV (nobody comes to the party quicker!)

Vicky Sleet speaks (and shimmers;)

Samantha Laura Kaye MCs (and rocks)

Will does sanwhiches (oh my word you have to taste!);
George does coffee.

I have collapsed in awesomeness.

Please RSVP fablefairyblog@gmail.com



cute necklace

The girls and I made necklaces on our week-end "making day". This is the little one's necklace. Its Angelina Ballerina inside a heart tied on some ribbon.


cute blackboard

I have wanted to make a small cut out blackboard for a while. I thought about making a stencil with blackboard paint, but I found a square black board sticker and cut out Hello Kitty with a ribbon.

What do you think?


Lulu's picture

I love this picture that my daughter made. With the unseasonable weather the teacher had the class drawing pictures of themselves with umbrellas.

My daughter is the only person in the class to turn her umbrella upside down into a flower. I noticed she was also one of the only ones who made a hill out of the green grass. I love her quirky way of expressing herself.

I will hang on to this for when she is in art school listening to hard heavy punk/ metal with tatoos and piercings and say: I always knew you were an original . Only jokes. Spare me! 


prevent cervical cancer

Last week on Being Brazen, a discussion started about the safety of the HPV vaccine (i.e. the vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer).
I asked the Doc aka tha Gynae aka the Baby Deliverer to write us an article explaining it all.

 Preventing Cervical Cancer

The Basics:
Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer in women worldwide.

What is unique about cervical cancer unlike other cancers is that we know what causes it. High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) has been shown to cause cervical cancer. Because we know what causes it, it has been possible to develop a vaccine that has been proven to significantly reduce the individual’s chance of developing cervical cancer.

Currently, the targets for HPV vaccination are girls and young women aged 11–26 years before sexual debut. However, there is anecdotal evidence that even women who have already had intercourse and older women may benefit from the HPV vaccine.


HPV is a widely found DNA virus that is transmitted by skin to skin contact (shedding of viral cells from the infected host’s skin). Up to 70% of sexually active women will be infected with HPV at some point in their lifetime.
While there are over 100 different sub-types of HPV, there are 4 types that we need to know about:
HPV strains 16 & 18 cause about 75% of cervical cancer (as well as vulval & penile cancer);
HPV strains 6 & 11 cause about 90% of genital warts. Genital warts are usually flesh-colored growths that can be raised or flat, small or large, and alone or in cauliflower-like clusters.
HPV infects both women & men.
You can get HPV through any kind of genital contact with someone who has HPV (not just penetrative sex) i.e. through what middle aged folks call “heavy petting” ie hands touching genitals.
Many people who have HPV have no symptoms and that means that you can get the virus or pass it on to your partner without knowing it.
HPV lifecycle
After the cervix is infected with HPV, infection may cause mild abnormalities which usually clear spontaneously.
But in some cases the HPV infection persists. The persistence of high-risk HPV (HPV strains 16 & 18) is a key factor in the ultimate development of cervical cancer.
The progressive development of cellular changes from HPV infection to cervical cancer generally takes 10–20 years, although, in very few cases, it may only take 1–2 years.
While persistence of high-risk HPV is a key factor in the development of cervical cancer, most HPV infections (80%) resolve spontaneously.
Unfortunately, we are unable to determine which women will develop HPV persistence (with the exception of those women who are immune-compromised e.g. HIV+, who we do know have an increased risk of HPV persistence).
Can HPV be treated?
There is no specific treatment for HPV infection and HPV infection cannot be eradicated.  
Medical mmanagement in the past has been directed towards the detection of early (pre-cancerous) changes within the cervix through a cervical screening program (regular pap smears).
In short, yes I hear that having pap smears are  a bit of a nightmare, but it can save your life. If you are sexually active, you should have a pap smear every year (unless there is an abnormality in which case your doc will suggest more often).
Can HPV infection be prevented?
The HPV vaccine now offers an opportunity to prevent infection with high-risk HPV & thus significantly reduces the risk of cervical cancer & genital warts.
The HPV vaccine prevents infection by preventing the virus from entering the cells.
There are two registered HPV vaccines on the market:
1.       Gardasil: vaccine active against HPV strains  6, 11, 16, 18 (http://www.gardasil.com/)
2.       Cervarix: vaccine which is active against HPV strains 16 & 18 (http://www.cervarix.ca/)

HPV vaccine safety:
Both HPV vaccines do not use live virus. It is made up of proteins that imitate the outer shell  the virus and trigger an immune response that protects against infection with the particular HPV type.
(Before medicine is released, it goes through 4 stages of clinical trials for safety which take many years. First it gets tested in laboratories, then on animals and if all those hurdles are passed, it gets tested on people).

Prior to making the drug available on the open market, more than 60 000 women who received the vaccine were monitored for undesirable side effects events following exposure to vaccine.

Less than 1% of women developed fever, nausea & dizziness following vaccination.  Trial participants were followed until 15 months, with no increase in a newly diagnosed chronic illness, auto-immune disease or severe medical condition.

The pharmaceutical companies have to be super careful because if anything happens they will incur law suits which will cost major bucks.

As of December 2008, more than 23 million doses of HPV vaccine had been administered in the USA. The most frequently reported events that are reported are local injection site reactions (e.g. rash on the arm), nausea, dizziness and fainting. These pass.
No link between the vaccine and serious unfavorable side effects has been demonstrated in the USA.
In Australia, as of March 2009, 5 million doses of HPV vaccine had been administered. In Australia the most important unfavorable events following vaccine were allergic reaction ( 11 cases) and convulsions (18 cases). These are extremely rare events, occurring in less than 1 in 100 000 cases.
Remember one can have an allergic reaction to anything – e.g.bee stings, shell fish (etc)
In Germany, as of March 2008, more than 2 million doses of HPV vaccine had been administered. In Germany, two  incidents of temporary facial paralisis, one case of Guillain-BarrĂ©-Syndrome have been reported.
Again, these are extremely rare events.
In short you have more chance of getting cervical cancer if sexually active than of having a reaction against the vaccine.
The official standpoint of numerous national & international agencies (including the WHO http://www.who.int/wer/2009/wer8415.pdf ) is that the vaccines are safe and effective.

 How effective are the vaccines?

The development of the HPV vaccine is a landmark in the history of immunization, since this is the first anti-cancer vaccine.

I believe this vaccine will be given widely when we are all grandparents. I hope it catches on quicker though. The polio vaccine was not given universally when our grandparents were young but is widely given to children now days.

The two presently available vaccines have been proven effective in the prevention of pre-cancerous lesions and can exert their maximum efficiency if used at pre-adolescent age, when sexual activity has not yet started.