Heritage Market street style

In Fable Fairy of course

This is Sarah from Hello Sailor in a dress from her sister's range available from Mungo and Jemima which she helped design. Don't you love her Owl?



My Lala trying on her trick or treat costume last night. Have a Happy Haloween everybody


Fable Fairy goes to market

All prices exclude postage.

Pink and Green Polka Spiral brooch; Red heart poker lapel brooch R 50 each.

Elf lace collar brooch; Fairy lace brooch; black poker lace butterfly brooch; Butterfly spiral ring Orange and Brown flower brooch; Hello Kitty brooch; Red heart lace brooch.  R40 each.

Red, white and pink big heart brooch R50; Brown wood spiral medal brooch; Red heart lace poker brooch (hexagon); Small pink heart ring R40 each.

Tourquise flower fashion statement ring R60

Tourquise flower pendant R80 (with chain; R60 without); Tourquise and white bow earings R50 e.

Mexican flower rose disc pendant R60.

White Motif clip R60

red, white red pink big heart necklace R80

Pink heart earings and Fairy lace pink heart brooch R40 each

Lace collar; Blue flower and polka dot clips; Cameo brooch R40 each

Motif headband R40

Lace & pearl alice band R60

Red heart alice band R60

Big red heart medal broch R50.

Fable Fairy Summer stock - Blues

Ring and clip. (Thank-you Maya hand model!)

Beautiful necklace with vintage clasp and beads.


Fable Fairy Summer Stock - Turqoise Collection

 I am thinking of doing a giveaway and need to know what you guys like best:

 White bow earings, tourquise ones, necklace, big flower ring, small ring white butterfly or small ring tourquise butterfly ?

10 things i learnt while being sick

1. When paracetemol/ panado doesn't bring down your temperature, try Ponstan.
2. When you have a temperature of 98 for 3-4 days you're not thinking straight. No one should quote you.
3. When you body gets sick, its because it needs your mind to STOP, so stop working.
4. It's OK to take a week off work when you can't get out of bed.
5. Not eating for a week doesn't result in losing weight because you're doing no excercise (there really is
    no upside)
6. It can take over 2 weeks to get your appetite back after flu, but you really can force yourself.
7. It can take longer to get your head back and think straight. be kind to yourself.
8. Coughs take forever to clear up.
9. My kids got along fine with me at half mast.
10. Doctors wives/ partners seem to get REALLY sick to teach them more about what their patients need.

The best thing about being better is well being better!


mu and me surprise

My little twin stars (Lala and Kiki) LOVE Mu and Me. When they get enough stars on their chart we go to the shop and choose a Mu and Me something. Little card houses, decals, cards. Sometimes instead of a story, we go online to the Mu and Me website together. http://www.muandme.net/  and read about the characters. The genius creator at Mu and Me puts so much delicious detail into her website.  Each greeting card has a story. e.g.

 'Amelia found Olive in a small box on her doorstep early one morning in April. She cant be sure who left her this unexpected gift, but has a theory it was Oliver, the boy who lives next door. So she decided to name her "Olive". Not only because of the colour of her eyes, but as a secret message to Oliver to say "I like you too"...

Lala's favourite character is Amelia (then Thandi) and Kiki's Favourite is Debsy (then Ana).

Lala's favourite animal is Olive, then Tet.  Kiki's favourite animal is Ping, then Coco (who usually hang with Mala).

So the girls spoted the teeenyest tinyest error on the website and we wrote in to tell the folks at Mu and Me land. Well if they aren't the NICEST people. They brought round 2 gifts to say "well spotted" girls!

The new icons on the wrapping paper (of the gifts) are so  beautiful that the girls  asked me to open them. Imagine how gourgeous they need to be to not have little girls rip them open!

And inside there were new notebooks! Lala got pink Debsy (and Ping) dressed up like a Ballerina!

And Kiki got yellow Amelia (and Olive)  dressed up like a Native American Indian Lady.

And stickers inside! With a thoughtful  pocket for your pen.

But Lala's favourite colour is yellow and she LOVES Amelia and Kiki's Favourite colour is pink and she LOVES Debsy. So they swapped.

Thank-you Mu and Me for our special gift. Amazing of you to give our Favourite favourites.
We LOVE your new designs.

Check out the fantastic Mu and Me website http://www.muandme.net/  and the Mu and Me post on http://www.iwantthat.co.za/ for a discount on some of the new images and a post about the creator Daley Muller on another divine website by Venessa Dace called Sprogs and Dogs http://sprogsndogs.co.za/2010/10/15/real-mom-story-daley-muller-of-mume/


The red dress

We are doing a group post about red dresses. Red is the colour of passion, love and luck. Chinese brides are said to wear red.

I was not one of those girls that dreamed of a white wedding.

But I was up for wearing a red dress. The Doc wore a Paul Smith shirt & jeans. We were married by the sea.

I have 3 amazing vintage red summer dresses, one winter one and an extraordinary red dress coat from my gran.

But my wedding dress will always be my absolute red dress favourite. thank-you Paul Van Zyl.

Check out these other "red dress" blogs today:

Have a wonderful week-end!


Favourite Necklaces with a touch of Red

This piece my husband had made for me for our first wedding. It is a garnet made to match the garnets in his wedding ring. It was made by Amulet in Kloofnek Road and I love it.

This is made by Marietjie Beeslaar from Skermunkil (bought from Beatnik Bazaar in Kalk Bay inside the Mythology store).

My red feather bird brooch is from from Heartworks and is made by a Durban designer. (My silver birdy is also a Skermunkil) and these 3 make up my bird collection, but excluding my amazing Dannali Wilson bird earings (another post).

And this is my Amy Allum piece - the closet thing I have to a locket.

I do love a touch of red.


Local touch of Red Local Lasses

Miss Molly

Beatnik Bazaar's summer Folklore range is coming...

 a Missibaba bag
Buckaroo Bag 

And look what Michelle Williams pick Miss Moss spotted for us?

A touch of Red

If a Full-on Red Dress is too much for you, go for just a touch of red accesories:

The divine Anthea from http://www.embracingstyle.co.za/ with a touch of red belt and brooch.

The gourgeous Stellar modelling a Fable Fairy alice-band.

My Favourite vintage bag.

Love a touch of red

Red Dress Week

Kim Grey started off Red Dress week with a Bang and with Lanvin Love.


the red dress teaser

Next Fri 22 Oct, some wonderful blogging lasses will be writing about "the red dress"
Be sure to check it out.

I can't begin to imagine Genevieve Motley's red dress!

Have a divine week-end


Fabulous creative women: Hilda

This is my other grandmother, Hilda with her dog Ponky when she was roughly in her 40s. Her people were from Lithuania, but they ended up in Paarl.  She had a wonderful sense of creativity and a fantastic "Josephine Baker" ishy HUSKY voice. My dad has it too - like he ate gravel and razor blades for breakfsat and my 3 year old has it as well.  And one of my cousins. Sadly I didn't inherit "the voice" but I like to think I have some of the whimsy.

I simply adored her. I think she was adored by all her children, all her grandchildren and all who met her. I will a post with lots and lots more pictures of her and her house with snow drop flowers outside. I have snow drops in my own garden to remember her.

She adored butterfly brooches and had the most extraordinary collection. My cousin suggested I ask my aunt to photograph some of them. I have one exquisite one my aunt pinned on my wedding dress on the day so my gran was "with me". So dear to me.

These are her fantastic art decko chairs which my dad inherited from her.

And theses were her ceramics and a tea-towl very typical of her folksy, Frida-Khalo-ish style:

Speaking of Frida, I have no less than 6 pictures of her in my office, and one black and white one of Frida and Diego outside the blue house.  I once had a house which the doc painted blue in homage to the Khalo-Riviera house. But now the picture serves as a reminder.

Long live the spirit of fabulous creative women. Let it live on in us all.