Fable Fairy goes to market

All prices exclude postage.

Pink and Green Polka Spiral brooch; Red heart poker lapel brooch R 50 each.

Elf lace collar brooch; Fairy lace brooch; black poker lace butterfly brooch; Butterfly spiral ring Orange and Brown flower brooch; Hello Kitty brooch; Red heart lace brooch.  R40 each.

Red, white and pink big heart brooch R50; Brown wood spiral medal brooch; Red heart lace poker brooch (hexagon); Small pink heart ring R40 each.

Tourquise flower fashion statement ring R60

Tourquise flower pendant R80 (with chain; R60 without); Tourquise and white bow earings R50 e.

Mexican flower rose disc pendant R60.

White Motif clip R60

red, white red pink big heart necklace R80

Pink heart earings and Fairy lace pink heart brooch R40 each

Lace collar; Blue flower and polka dot clips; Cameo brooch R40 each

Motif headband R40

Lace & pearl alice band R60

Red heart alice band R60

Big red heart medal broch R50.


  1. I hope you are enjoying all the crafting and creating!

  2. Anonymous18/11/10

    gorgeous stuff. Your daughters must love having a mom around that can razzle up such lovely things