Flu and Endometriosis an exciting cocktail

I have flu in back and endometriosis in my tum. Has anyone else had this particular whammy recently? My hubby, the gynae, tells me to have a 'mirena' insterted as it is thought to help with endometriosis without the side effects of a an oral hormone treatment. (The effect is lical). But it just feels wrong for me. What are your experiences of the Mirena? Some women have it put in after giving birth. Others say they can feel it there and had to have it out. I guess it depends on how sensitive you are. There used to be a wonderful homeopathic product that someone brought in from Switzerland called Endometrium comp Does anyone remember or know where to get it? My little daughter Elf gave me three magic kisses to make me better. I said it helped for a tiny bit because it was so sweet and she is a Champion Kisser and Hugger.

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