Swimsuits Hunt part 2

Inspired by my favourites, Brazen (www.beingbrazen.co.za)  and Embracing Style (http://www.embracingstyle.co.za
on Style Scoop http://www.stylescoop.co.za/, I set off in search of  Espadrilles (thanks Anthea) and a vintagey looking costume (Thanks Brazen) online first of course.

Brazen mentioned Australian brand Seafolly imported by Stuttafords. Be warned that only the Century City branch has this brand in Cape Town  (not Claremont).

They only have about 6 styles, but they are nice!

This was what I wanted:

Love the bottom right one.

You may recall I had previosly  been inspired  by Ava

and these:

 but I didn't feel up to the hassle of measuring and not being sure it fitted if coming from the UK etc even though a visiting friend of a friend offered to bring one.

So I choose a vintagy Seafolly looking top alone cause my credit card was screaming, but after 2 children I need some shaping! Pictures when tanned and thin :)

The shoes hunt is in the next post...


  1. wrt vintage swimsuits: they are all great, but i think it should be bottom left; also, throw caution to the wind and get the friend of your friend to deliver vintage swimsuit from the UK. You only live once & next summer is many sleeps away....

  2. Aw, glad you were inspired. Thanks for the vintage bather inspiration!