Cape Town Bloggers Get Together

I was so busy enjoying the people, I didn't have time to take any photos,but I know you guys took some and I can't wait to seethem.

It turns out (as we thought) Cape Town has the most awesome bloggers. The people who'se blogs you love,
well the people are just a s amazing and beautiful.

Thaya from beatnikbazaar.blogspot.com has the most beautiful blue eyes and she's as smart and sassy as her blog.

Samantha Laura Kaye is really drop dead gourgeous in real life and what a professional speaker! I Love Her. http://www.samanthalaurakaye.com/

Lauren Fowler is the real deal.htpp://lostisaplacetoo.blogspot.com

Vicky Sleet http://www.iwantthat.co.za/ is the most generous human being. What a legend. Great speech Vicky.

So many more lovely people I want to tell you about  like Betty Bake; Natali from Narry likes I loike dem both; http://wotsforlunch.blogspot.com/ (what a lovely person); Anthea http://www.embracingstyle.co.za/ i'm still mad about her; http://www.bobbyliscious.co.za/ (how cool are you?); http://www.beingbrazen.co.za/ you are so nice in real life too! Heidi/ Farmgirl http://plaasjapie-farmgirl.blogspot.com/ what a lovely human being. Robyn from
http://styleguidecapetown.blogspot.com/ who won the le creuset pot (yay!) ; The Tashkaya crowd who are da bomb-

Speaking of Tashkaya, I WON THE DRESS! and Julie, Natasha's assistant, won the sideboard.

The Nomu boxes were won by the Doc and Lauren and wait who else won? was it Nina?

And Thaya won Nina's awesome earings.

Sigh what a fun night. Thanks peeps.


  1. Thank you so much for organizing this event. I really had a great time! It was just awesome to meet my fellow bloggers in real life.

  2. It was lovely!
    Thank you so much for organising it.

  3. It was really great meeting some many fellow Cape Town bloggers, thank you so much for organising!

    PS. My blog url is http://wotsforlunchblog.com

  4. hey there cal - what is your twitter name?
    it was a great evening :) thank you for organising it :)
    Betty Bake

  5. What an awesome evening, welldone for organising such a wonderful get together! It was so lovely to see some of the bloggers I follow in person and they lovely as well!

    Hope you like the dress! ;)

  6. It was fantastic, you did a great job, thanks!:)

  7. Thank you for the fun evening!
    Don't forget about me... I won the 'Milion Miles from Normal' book!

    We must do it again real soon, but next time, i want to win a NoMU hamper. Pretty please.

  8. the NoMU hamper is so cool! i am hooked...

  9. Hello you! Thanks for the comment, it made me laugh, haha! I wish I could have attended this. It sounds like you had an amazing time. DYING to see pics!

  10. Thank you vey much for organising. It was fabulous. Hopefully we can do it next yeat.

  11. Thank you for organising the absolutely amazing evening with fabulous bloggers. Prizes amazing, but darnit, *gods-of-luck* pick me next time!
    XX Cat
    ps:got a lovely pic of you hugging your prize (so sweet such a happy moment)