10 things i learnt while being sick

1. When paracetemol/ panado doesn't bring down your temperature, try Ponstan.
2. When you have a temperature of 98 for 3-4 days you're not thinking straight. No one should quote you.
3. When you body gets sick, its because it needs your mind to STOP, so stop working.
4. It's OK to take a week off work when you can't get out of bed.
5. Not eating for a week doesn't result in losing weight because you're doing no excercise (there really is
    no upside)
6. It can take over 2 weeks to get your appetite back after flu, but you really can force yourself.
7. It can take longer to get your head back and think straight. be kind to yourself.
8. Coughs take forever to clear up.
9. My kids got along fine with me at half mast.
10. Doctors wives/ partners seem to get REALLY sick to teach them more about what their patients need.

The best thing about being better is well being better!

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