Fabulous creative women: Hilda

This is my other grandmother, Hilda with her dog Ponky when she was roughly in her 40s. Her people were from Lithuania, but they ended up in Paarl.  She had a wonderful sense of creativity and a fantastic "Josephine Baker" ishy HUSKY voice. My dad has it too - like he ate gravel and razor blades for breakfsat and my 3 year old has it as well.  And one of my cousins. Sadly I didn't inherit "the voice" but I like to think I have some of the whimsy.

I simply adored her. I think she was adored by all her children, all her grandchildren and all who met her. I will a post with lots and lots more pictures of her and her house with snow drop flowers outside. I have snow drops in my own garden to remember her.

She adored butterfly brooches and had the most extraordinary collection. My cousin suggested I ask my aunt to photograph some of them. I have one exquisite one my aunt pinned on my wedding dress on the day so my gran was "with me". So dear to me.

These are her fantastic art decko chairs which my dad inherited from her.

And theses were her ceramics and a tea-towl very typical of her folksy, Frida-Khalo-ish style:

Speaking of Frida, I have no less than 6 pictures of her in my office, and one black and white one of Frida and Diego outside the blue house.  I once had a house which the doc painted blue in homage to the Khalo-Riviera house. But now the picture serves as a reminder.

Long live the spirit of fabulous creative women. Let it live on in us all.


  1. She sounds like she was a woman with great taste. :)

  2. Love the new blog, FF! Thanks for sharing the story of our unique and lovely Granny Hilda! Lots of love from San Francisco. Barry & PK P.S. PK has a small butterfly brooch collection and feels that deep Hilda connection

  3. Thanks lisa. Hey PK & Barry. Abby has this great idea that we all photograph our butterfly brooches and post them if PK is in x

  4. I love this post. Your grandmother sounds lovely and it certainly seems that she had great taste. I particularly like that first ceramic. I just lost the second of my grandmother's this summer, and I'm still missing both of them a lot too. Perhaps I'll do posts like this in the future.