Life Chapters

Do you ever name the chapters in your life? I do this all the time for different versions of my "life book." in my head. 

Chapter 1: How to survive being an Air sign baby in a house with 3 Fire signs

Chapter 2: Girls will be girls. Learn to do Psycho-Judo.

Chapter 3: How not to get arrested when the country is burning.

Chapter 4: How to handle a toga party.

Chapter 5: The value of Satnislavski and Jung

Chapter 6: How to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS in SA

Chapter 7: How to fall pregnant when the usual way doesn't work

Chapter 8: How to be a smiling working mother

Chapter 9: Chase some dreams while you still can.

I saw that a recent Oprah mag can teach me how to write the next chapter. Can't wait.

Tell me the names of you chapters

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