From My Grandmother's Jewellery Box

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Inside my jewellery box live many beautiful things that I inherited from my grandmother. They, sadly, pretty much sum up my entire collection of vintage jewellery.

I adore all the gorgeous things I have of hers. They are classics and have such huge sentimental value. My grandmother loved her jewellery. I remember having so much fun playing with her things when I was a little girl. It's a grand feeling to have some of the things I played with back then. Pictured below are a few of my favourite pieces.


The first are these earrings. I love the deep blue colour.

Then there is this stunning pearl pendant.

I also love this plastic, blue and white necklace.

This is my grandmother's engagement ring.

My grandfather passed away fairly recently and my mom was kind enough to let me keep this ring. I am too scared to wear it in case I lose it (it is a little loose on my finger). The blue stone makes it quite unusual. It's beautiful.

My absolute favourite piece is this silhouette necklace. It's stunning.

This pocketwatch is my grandfather's. I plan to buy a chain for it and wear it as a necklace.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my vintage jewellry collection!

Thank you FableFairy for having me over.

Bobby x

Wow your gran seems like one amazing woman, Bobby. You can tell a lot about a woman from the jewellery comapy she keeps. How very very special the collection now lives near your Jane Austin collection.I'm going to try make a necklace like your blue and white one from my grandfathers 1930s poker chips.


  1. Thanks for the nice comment! Why not follow my blogspot to keep up to date with my latest posts? Take care x


  2. Oh these are beautiful ;-)

  3. Thanks for posting this :)
    Please post pictures of the necklace you make, would love to see it :)

  4. Anonymous17/9/10

    Bobby your collection is so special!
    My grandmother had a ring I absolutely LOVED! I always wanted to wear it when she came to visit. I was told someday it would be mine. When they broke into my grandparent’s house that was the ONLY piece of jewellery they stole. Just my luck! I have never ever seen anything like it in stores. And it had such unique detail that it would be impossible to copy :(

  5. Hi Bobby I'll post as soon as I can! Hey Love and Stuff I am SO sorry to hear that ring was gone.SO ouch! I lost something of my grandfathers on Sat and was devatsted (Bobby knows all about it):)

  6. Ah, I also have so many cute things from my gran and my mom - treasures! Means so much more when there's a history attached. xx

  7. That necklace is GORGEOUS!!