Do you want the Perfect Fedora

On Sat I went on a very brief, but focused  (I had half an hour) search of the perfect summer Fedora hat in Long street.

This was inspired by 2 things 1). I went with the doc to a gansters and geishas party a few weeks ago and borrowed a fedora and loved it

and 2). At a recent market MOTH sellers looked cool under the sun in their fedoras.

Ska in Long street have a big selection. Unsurprisingly the guys' fedoras are way cooler than the girls floppy sunhats.

I found my baby at A-list. Take note: There are 2 A-list shops. A-list in Loop street is like a young clubby look book. A-list in Long street is more casual. And has hats. I added my ribbon.

Pictures not by me from http://www.weheartit.com/

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  1. I love Fedora's! This one is so cute, love the girly trim ;-)