Heritage Day Post. Favourite Childhood toy

In honour of Heritage day the Fabulous blogger gals (Fable and the Fantastics? Angie and the Awsome-ettes? Glossary and the Gourgeous.. You get the idea) Are doing a GROUP POST about our favourite childhood toy or outfit!

I have a printer's tray dedicated to the theme of favourite childhood toys which include mine, my moms, my grans and my little girls (see the fifi and the flowertot figurines) and these are interspersed with other friends who are visiting them.

My favourite toys in the late 70s/early 80s were babarpapas.

From Wikipedia: "Barbarpapa is both the title character, and name of the "species" of said character, of a series of children's books written in the 1970s by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor, who resided in Paris,  ...Barbarpapa himself is a generally pear-shaped, pink shapeshifting blob-like creature who stumbles upon the human world and tries to fit in. The shapeshifting is usually accompanied by  the saying "Clickety Click—Barba Trick. After various amusing adventures, he comes across a female of his species (more shapely, and black-coloured), named Barbarmama. They produce seven children, known as the Barbababies, each a different colour inckuding Barbarbelle, purple, female, lover of beauty and Barbarbravo (Barbidur), red, male, lover of strength and heroism[3]    

God bless my parents I had the entire family. So so sadly I only have 2 left: Babarbelle (that gourgeous lavender one on top of the printers tray)

 and Babarbravo (her orange friend on the other side). 

Funnily enough I miss Babbarmama the most.

The worst part is I gave them away myself because I thought I was a big girl and too old for them. I took them up the road in a box and said goodbye! Oh give me the power to timetravel and get them back. Baaabaaaparpaaaaas come back to me.  

Other contenders are my Russian Merushka doll (you know where you open her up and a smaller one is inside and so on and so on  and my dolls house set where the people fit in their chairs and even have a toilet they fit in to.

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Love them all


  1. I always wanted one of those Russian dolls when i was little, never actually got one ;-(/

  2. Isn't it lovely to reminisce? Thanks for coming up with this great idea!

  3. Lovely post!
    The printer's tray is an awesome idea.

  4. i didn't even know what a babarpapas was! but my mom has this old whiskey box full of treasures that were once on a printers tray too.

    she even has this really old-style bus/train ticket with a punch in it!

    thanks for sharing and letting us all be a part of this.

    :) xx

  5. This was a GREAT idea!
    Those dolls look so cute :)

  6. thanks guys. love n stuff i still want to see your post ton or tom! Chantel i'm gonna get you one of those dolls when i see one, they sell them at clicks i could even scuff it it for you and make her look old :)

  7. if you need another printers tray - have a spare i couldn't resist buying at second hand shop ;D
    my favourites were the smurfs, and charlie brown. and now, as i did then, i am besotted with lady bugs