market day

A big thank-you to all who helped with the Fable Fairy stall at the "I, You and Everyone we know market" today. It was hot in so many ways. I will post pics on Mon. It is the BEST feeling having people like and buy things made with one's own hands. Thanks Lala (making), S&R (setting up), Nicola (selling) and La (packing up). It's so good to have friends and relations (as Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh calls it) help the creative cause.

A highlight (after selling my fable fairy stuff ) was being told my l'il blog had been seen.

Shout outs:

Anthea from Embracingstyle.blogspot.com is even more gourgeous and stylish "for real life" as my little one says. That girl can rock the floral dress and shades. (No skirt needed even though you looking).

Stephany Roup from sweet rocket = young sofia loren-dignity meets gourge in that vintage yellow dress.Cool as a cucumber in the sweltering heat.

Lauren from Glossary Girl one week too late. Come back soon when its the City Bowl Labia market.

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