Vintage Street Giveaway

Saturday the 4th Sep was an exciting day not only for the South Peninsula ladies, but for vintage lovers everywhere. (Ladies and gentleman) introducing Ms Daisy Jones and Vintage Street in Kalk Bay. Grab yourself something yummy on your way past the Olympia Bakery shop, go up Lock road and stop where Clairvoux crosses Lock. Then step on board - for it is quite a trip. Daisy has an excellent eye and has carefully curated vintage finds into potential dreamy scenarios. Think "Sunday in Paris" or "Groupie on Tour".

Not only is the shop's design inspired - go see the gates for yourself - but there are finds that one hears about, but so rarely gets one's lovely hands on. I saw Paul Smith jeans fly off the rails for R250. And Kenneth Cole red wedge heels disappear for less.

But, its not just the stock. Daisy is brilliant at sizing up your body shape and working out what will really suit you. I saw her do magic. Think Trinny and Susanna, but without the mirror shot in your undies. And no shaming you into "listening or else". You say: "I'm looking for a dress for a matric dance/ 21st/ wedding/ christening/ baby shower/ 40th. I want Grace Kelly for 2010", and Bob's your uncle, or in this case, Daisy's your Trinny, and you're standing there marveling at the effect. And did I mention the shoes?

Just for a taste of  Daisy, for my 40th birthday pressie, Daisy (who in a previous life was a farking funny journalist and illustrator) combined her drawing, humor and know-how into delightful sketches.

It's the combination of quick wit, keen eye, rare label stock and AFFORDABLE that make Vintage Street a delightful experience.


To celebrate the opening of her heavenly shop, Daisy is giving away, exclusively on Fable Fairy a Jean-Paul Gaultier nautical top

To win you need to do the following:

1. Become a follower of this blog and send a facebook friend request to Ruby Fablefairy.

2. Go to the Vintage Street web site (www.vintagestreet.co.za) and watch the changing characters.

3. Comment at the end of this blog and tell us which is your best photo on the vintage street website and say why.

3. For an extra TWO entries (and chances to win), blog about this giveaway.

4. For a further TWO entries, tell a friend and tell the friend to put your name at the start of her/his comment.

We will accept entries until 12pm on Sun 19th Sep. 

It is so darn nice to win something  gorgeous.


  1. Anonymous7/9/10

    owlandpusseycat: I am a follower. I am not on facebook, but please please enter me anyway. I like the dude on the stairs in the floral jersey because he's so nerdy he's cool

  2. 1. Follow your blog + sent Facebook request

    2. Go to the Vintage Street web site- Did that!

    3. Love the blond with the tweed jacket and boots. Why? The look is classy yet comfortable and I love jackets and boots!

  3. hello! i love shopping in Kalk Bay too and am also a collector of vintage delights. Haven't been to Daisy's store yet but will def make a mish to go there the next time im ambling about the streets :)

    1)Following this blog - can't go on Facebook during office hours :/ but will add Ruby Fairy later
    2)& 3) I just *love* the family "outing" pic cos i also used to lvoe getting icecream when we were when I was a kiddio
    4)I will indeed blog about this on my Twitter. Hooray!
    :) xx

  4. am now a follower. I like the pic with the lady with the two glasses of juice in her hand. I like it because that kid in the background is soooo cute!

    going to send that FB request now.

    Embracing Style

  5. Anonymous8/9/10

    LOVE nautical prints.

    1. Now follow your blog.
    2. Have sent friend request.
    3. Love the girl in the beret. I love how she can pull of those glasses (wish I could).
    4. Will blog and send pic tomorrow!

  6. Have blogged about it too.
    Here is the link: http://bobbys-blah-blog.blogspot.com/2010/09/win-with-fablefairy.html

  7. Love the elderly lady with the green scarf,she looks so stylish!

    I am now following your blog. Just sent you a friend request on facebook!



  8. 1. Following your blog and sent a friend
    request on FB
    2. I love the guy with the beanie, vintage
    jersey, ripped jeans and aviator sunnies! He
    looks like a woodstock rockstar!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the fantastic comments ;-)