Pictures from the you, me and everyone we love market

Fable Fairy lace cuff bought "off the seller" by lovely Maya

Look at this lovely lady trying on Fable Fairy while her friend looks at the vintage dresses:

The awesome Anthea from http://www.embracingstyle.co.za/. She is such a great photographer/designer. See her photos of the market. What did I tell you? Can this girl rock a floral look or what? And her shoes from the neighbourhod goods market last week looked perfect. She took a lovely picture of my goodies for sale.

The cool crowd:

 Just another gourgeous day in Cape Town's centre city bowl - the place I am lucky enough to call home.


  1. I wish I knew about this market!I would have loved to go!!Nice brooches!!!:)

  2. Thank you for the very sweet words! I really love your stuff. Going to pop you a mail about it soon!

  3. Hi Fable Fairy, Thanks for popping in at my blog.....Love your stuff....and I simply adore headbands!!!
    Would love to see more!!!