Artist Georgie Berens

Georgie Tuck Berens is an artist who'se work I covet. These are some of her cards availble from Mielie.

" Cut, stitched, pasted and hand painted ... each one is little masterpiece that would just as happily live in a frame on your wall"  See more at  http://fa.mielie.com/.  My Favourite one is the little girl in the star in the centre. Have to pop in to the Mielie shop in Newlands Ave to get one.

Earlier this year, Georgie published 4 brilliant childrens' books around a delightful little girl called Maude:

* Maude the designer (my FAV);
*Maude and the Pomegranate;
*Maude finds a Friend and
*Maude and the Man on the Moon.

Georgie had a launch at "These 4 Walls" gallery where she created an extraordinary installation. I couldn't make it, but when I saw the pictures I wanted to buy them all. 

Georgie also sold out all the books in a heartbeat, but will be printing more and letting us all know.

You will not believe this, but Georgie is writing matric. So young and already so talented!

The books are in the Constantia Waldorf Scool Library and the librarian tells us they are the most popular books in the school. (It figures).

Maude is so popular, she has her own Facebook page.

Search for Maude and become friends with her so you know when new books come out.

Not to take anything away from her own talent, but Georgie comes from parents who are artists and "step" parents who are artists and grandparents who are artists and I mean artists not only as writers and creators and photogrpahers, but also as in "before one has written or painted a word".

Mum is in the photo of the installation in the gourgeous vintage dress with the broom. Dad is underneath the photo of the thought bubble.

Georgie's mum, Angela Tuck, has started a blog (http://generaltuck.blogspot.com/)  I am ecstatic about this as only good can come from this followed by more and more creativity.

Georgie will have another launch at a very popular bookshop and needs to keep them, but when she's ready to sell the birds I am starting a bidding war.  I also covet the prints of Maude. Watch the space.


  1. Anonymous16/11/10

    Georgie - I really, really love your Maude books - there's a magical feel about the stories (and illustrations) that I, as a wannabe "author" seem unable to capture..
    From Sophie Cope, in class 7 at Constantia waldorf

  2. Anonymous16/11/10

    Thank you Sophie! Come and talk to me at school so that I know who you are :) I can help you with your books if yo like

    Georgie xxx

  3. Anonymous22/11/10

    Georgie, if I asked you (randomly) to describe your image of "Paradise Island" (aka a little piece of paradise that happens to be in the middle of a far away ocean on earth) what would it be like? I have come up with my own (weirdo?) thoughts about it (rose-quarts boulders, blue shells, Enchanted Beech tree, warm and cold spring, picnic spot etc) and I don't think its realistic AT ALL. Remember this thing is 5x5 square metres, for a living rag-doll (in my mind)..
    xx Sophie

  4. Anonymous10/5/11

    Sophie, I'd love to pick at your brain a bit. Once you realise that we are all weirdoes life starts to make more sense.

    My world would be full of colour, and you would be able to draw things and they would come to life. There would be no money or disease and I would be able to fly.