Japanese Animation

  I love japanese animation by studio Ghibli and my favourite film director of all time is Hayao Murazaki.

My favourite in the Ghibli stable is no surprise: Kiki's Delivery Service [ I have have a daughter called Kiki and cat called Jiji (Jinja)] and Kirsten Dunst does Kiki's voice over in the movie.

It all started with watching Heidi when I was 6. I loved the way the mouth moved, the way they ate bread and the sound of their feet running.

I also love: My neighbour Tortorro

And then there's Yesterday.  I'll save all the others for another post.

On Sat., we got to watch one of the Ghibli stable not directed by Murazaki: Whisperer in the Night.

Freakin Fantastic


  1. Also a Heidi fan! Loved the program.

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