Artist Melanie Hillebrand

PE ceramicist and gallery director Melanie Hillebrand is currently on show at the Irma Stern museum until Sat only. Her art is such a wonderful blend between African, Asian and European. It made my heart beat fast and the cells in my body so enlivened. Her worked is also so generously priced.

She writes of imagining her English grandmother moving to South Africa and her English crockery eventually all breaking and having to commision pieces from people who make beer drinking pots. What results is a squat low shaped beer pot with a design on the top of the vase showing influence from French and English styles, but sometimes with an African theme.

This one is the doc's favourite one

Look at this divine "vuvuzela vase"

There are also some influences from historical Japanese painting

I love this Mexican looking one!

and this Middle Eastern looking one

And these gourgeous colours on the plates.

On show only until Sat 13 Nov. 2010.

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