Nic Wells Bladen, Jane Eppel and The Homestead

I was lucky enough to go to the open day today at the magnificent 200year old home of sculptor & jeweller Nic Wells Bladen and painter and print maker Jane Eppel. They and their work and their home are just lovely.

Both artists draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the Cape Peninsula, especially the fynbos of the Kalk Bay mountains behind their home.

"Most recently Jane has completed the 'Clovelly garden' series, (created for the forthcoming exhibition; 'Casa Labia In Bloom'), in which she juxtaposes delicate insects (cut from copper entirely by hand) with monoprints of weeds and flowers growing in the cracks of the old garden steps. Jane is currently showing work at 'Print: an exhibition of etchings' at These Four Walls Gallery in Observatory" (http://www.janeeppel.com/).

I love how her paintings and prints depict things that I so relate to & am inspired by - alcoves that are so comforting; open country roads; chidlren on swings; week-ends away with dear friends, prayer flags..

"Nic's work as a jeweller and sculptor entails casting actual plant-matter in precious metals. As bespoke jewellery or as freestanding sculptures, Nic's exquisite botanical work is widely acclaimed both in South Africa and Europe (www.nicbladen.com)".

I kept trying to walk out of Nic's exhb room, but it was like leaving dear family in a war torn country, they were pleading for me to take them with me.

So for my birthday and our 10th anniversary my darling Doc with his huge generous heart bought me white milkwood earings and a pendant AND a pink Jane Eppel print.  Thank-you my lovely. I will post the photos I took tomorrow.

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