Cape Town Bloggers Get Together

Please Join us at Field Office, 52 Barrack street, on Wed. the 8th Dec. from 6 -9 pm for the Cape Town bloggers gettogether.

Amazing raffle prizes to be won including Nomu gifts; Furniture from Vamp; Le Creuset crockery; Tashkaya clothing and more.

Blog about this function and bring friends.



  1. sounds great :)
    I hope to be there :)

    Betty Bake Blog

  2. I read your "bucket list" on Being Brazen and I just wanted to say that its so inspirational. I also have a grandfather that came to SA after the war - he wasnt Jewish but he fled because his family didnt agree with the Nazi regeimn!
    Oh, and ofcourse I love all the other things on your bucket list too - you sound like an awesome woman!
    Unfortunately I wont be able to make the CT blogger get together as I am currently in Korea but will def be on the look-out for the next one!

  3. This sounds fab, wish I could be there!

  4. Hello!
    I've tried to rsvp to your email adress, 5 times and for some reason, the email can not be sent.
    I would like to attend plus 1, please email me at ishay@gylc.co.za to comfirm.
    Thank you! :)