Things I've done


Little Miss Medic has a wonderful list on her blog that is the other side of a bucket list - a list of "things I've done"

This is my list :

Had my heart broken
Travelled overseas for 4 days to tell the man I loved that I loved him
Married the man of my dreams
Worked as a clown party entertainer, baby sitter, waitress (sometimes all in one day)
Answered a call at 3am
Helped someone to get a bursary to study
Helped people to get jobs
Grouted tiles on a bathroom wall
Swum with a dolphin that came right to shore to fetch me on camps bay beach
Had my fortune told
Cried so much it hurt
Laughed so much it hurt
Read the news on a commercial radio station
Learnt to speak Xhosa
Given birth
Got a job I really wanted only to turn it down because it wasn't right
Got a scholarship I really wanted only to turn it down because it wasn't right.
Dressed up with 3 friends in pyjamas and been to a nightclub incognito
Sunbathed topless
Danced Biodanza
Worked as a pizza delivery gal
Made a child laugh so much the delicious sound of unfettered laughter filled me with pride
Had an hour meeting with Elton John


  1. Wow, Elton John! What was that like?
    On of the reasons I started a blog was to keep a sort of dairy of things I've done.
    Enjoyed reading your list :)