The Life of a Harper's Bazaar, London Dep. Art Director

The talented, smart, succesful and divine Abigail Volks upped and moved her life to London this year. I asked her to share a little of her life with us.

1. Where do you work and what does your job involve?

I work for Harpers Bazaar, London. My  job involves co-ordinating with relevant section editors (fashion, travel, art & culture) and picture editors to compile and design pages of the magazine.

The infamous tube station

2. What is the best thing about living in London

London = freedom, 'safety', anonymity and independence. Over & above that, being spoilt for choice! 

I also love the fact that people are out & about all the time (even when it's 5 degrees)....
(ask me again in 3 months when it drops to below freezing... maybe the answer will be different). 

I like knowing that life is happening out there even when I'm asleep.

Ab's office in Carnaby street

3. You were previously art director at Cosmopolitan South Africa. How is this different?

Different country, different magazine, different target market, different culture, different aesthetic.

4. What are your sanity saving tips in your field?

Listen, think and learn fast! (while smiling all the time)

The sublime Tate Modern

5.You work for a fashion magazine, how do you manage to look stylish on a budget?

(Mmmmm I think i was more stylish in Cape Town when I could wear heels, drive my own car, 
and only walk 2 minutes to get to the office.... I wear flat boots or trainers every day and save the killer boots for special occasions!) 

The London high street stores - really do cater for style and for one's budget. 
The quality is super good too! And when they have sales... it's really a SALE!

Abi's flats

What fashion trends are coming up for us in Winter 2011?

You'll be seeing : leather & lace, camel tones and shearling.

I love shearling. Can't wait. Thanks so much for sharing a little of your life. Give London our love.


  1. Go Abigail! London is meant to have the best street fashion in the world - so if you can make it there...

  2. Justin18/11/10

    So that's why I was in a constant state of jaw-dislocating amazement when I lived there... I thought these people are the most fashion-savvy in the world! That - combined with their amazing sense of fragrance (accentuated somehow on the grimy tubes...ok, not a very masculine comment) and effortlessly worldly chic - made it clear to me that London is the veritable hub of the known universe. Soak it up, Abigail....